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by Charlotte von der Lancken


Morning Dew
Glassbead Game
Water Droplets


Poetry in Porcelaine

Cool, wet, morning dew. Running barefoot through a green meadow, the blades of grass bending as you move. The sun‘s rays break through the blanket of clouds. And hit water droplets that sparkle like diamonds. Charlotte von der Lancken had an idyllic scene like this in mind when she designed the Dagg vase series. Large droplets made of transparent glass have been scattered seemingly casually across the white porcelain surface. Like huge water droplets, they appear to stream down the conical vase body, as they reflect the outside world. The Swedish designer tells stories and stirs up memories with her decorative object. Yet she always keeps form and function in mind.

The Designer

Charlotte von der Lancken

Charlotte von der Lancken

Charlotte von der Lancken (*1978) studied industrial design at the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. In 2004, she and three partners founded what is probably one of the most famous avant-garde design studios in the world: Front Design. Many of her designs, including designs for brands such as Kartell, Hansgrohe, Stelton, Thonet and Moooi, are already regarded as classics.

Charlotte von der Lancken likes to experiment with new techniques and materials, designs installations for shops, and gives presentations at universities. Having been awarded several design prizes, she has now formed her own label – CVDL. The Swedish designer lives and works freelance in Stockholm.

Delicate morning dew drops, clinging like tiny jewels to blades of grass and petals, were the inspiration for Charlotte von der Lancken’s design Dagg. She has captured the beauty of this moment in a simple vase. Glistening crystal droplets dangle from the 27-cm-high conical vase, as if ready to roll off it at any moment. The size and clarity of the droplets almost give them the appearance of tiny mirrors and turn them into very special gems.

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